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Hotels and lodges in Mount Bachelor, ski resort

Cascade Range, Usa
1 Trapper Lane main image.

1 Trapper Lane

Distance to lifts: 23.8 kms
Prices from: 410 CHF

Accommodation map

Wildflower - Unit 54 main image.

Wildflower - Unit 54

Distance to lifts: 26 kms
Prices from: 314 CHF
3 Fir Cone Lane main image.

3 Fir Cone Lane

Distance to lifts: 33.2 kms
Prices from: 335 CHF
Golden Eagle Lane 17 | Discover Sunriver main image.

Golden Eagle Lane 17 | Discover Sunriver

Distance to lifts: 36.5 kms
Prices from: 267 CHF
Kinglet - Unit 24 main image.

Kinglet - Unit 24

Distance to lifts: 37.9 kms
Prices from: 518 CHF
Kinglet - Unit 46 main image.

Kinglet - Unit 46

Distance to lifts: 38.2 kms
Prices from: 341 CHF
Royal Court main image.

Royal Court

Distance to lifts: 38.3 kms
Prices from: 262 CHF
Longwater at Sunriver main image.

Longwater at Sunriver

Distance to lifts: 38.4 kms
Prices from: 746 CHF
Gosling - Unit 6 main image.

Gosling - Unit 6

Distance to lifts: 38.8 kms
Prices from: 445 CHF
North End Sunriver Home main image.

North End Sunriver Home

Distance to lifts: 39 kms
Prices from: 235 CHF
Leave the world behind when you stay in the snow at Mount Bachelor, Oregon.
With this selection of the best offers close to one of the 15 lifts you can step out your door and on to the slopes in the morning without wasting a precious moment. It has slopes from 1737 mts over see level up to 2763 mts. This ski resort is located in Cascade Range.

This ski resort has plenty of accommodation options for all tastes and budgets - from simple, hostel-style accommodation and self-catering apartments, to your best hotel in Mount Bachelor, ski club lodges and luxurious alpine retreats.