How do you create snowflakes?

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MacroImage of a snowflakeThe Snowflake or Crystal of snow It is without doubt one of the majestic wonders that nature never leaves us surprise. Depending on the geographic location you are you can enjoy a beautiful and soft flakes fall or padecerás the consequences of a strong snowfall. It is important to note that not all areas are equipped with the necessary environmental conditions for the formation of snowflakes and their subsequent precipitation.


How snowflakes are formed?

How a snowflake formsThe snowflakes are formed from a drop of water that freezes around a particle. Once the drop of water has been solidified acquires a form hexagonal Prism which only vary if more water droplets freeze on their tips.

A single ice crystal is composed of several tens of individual crystals that freeze one another gives rise to different shapes flakes, amount of water and air pressure are other factors that influence its shape. Experts say that two flakes formed naturally matching exactly as there are no, as is the case with the fingerprints of persons.

The abrupt snow can be classify into different types depending on factors such as the predominant moisture or density per square meter, the most popular ski slopes, In addition to the powder snow, they are the wet, Dura or Spring.

Snow tread on tracks by machines especially designed for this purpose pisapistas, It is the most recommended for those who are new to ski since it allows curves and braking on a surface without embossing.

The Forms they are most common from snowflakes:

Dendrita estelar con forma de helecho

Fern-shaped stellar Dendrite

– Simple prisms
– Starry sheet
– Sheets sectoral
– Triangular crystals
– Crystals dodecahexagonales
– Hollow columns
– Needles
– Stellar dendrites
– Fern-shaped stellar dendrites
– Artificial snow



When is it a snowflake or hail?

Snow forms when the temperature is at freezing or a few degrees less, This makes the water vapour which is located in the clouds to condense slowly, to crystallize, fashion flakes and these fall into soft rainfall.

Hail, Unlike snowflakes, they are ice particles with irregular shapes that fall in rainfall of varied intensity. This natural phenomenon to happen it is necessary that the temperature is much lower to -0 ° C, being so low temperature freezing and precipitation process is usually fast enough. The size of these particles can be varied, from very small to large balls, it cause damage to persons, cars and homes.


Curiosity: Tutorial make a snowflake paper at home

Paper Snowflake tutorial

Do you want to create identical to real snowflakes snowflakes? Then follow these simple steps and you will have a few beautiful snowflakes in a few minutes! ES easy, only need to:

  • square paper
  • A pen or pencil
  • A pair of scissors:

Step 1: Doubling our square sheet by the diagonal so that we have a point to the other pspread forming a triangle

Step 2: We need to mark the midpoint of a long side of the triangle formed (hypotenuse), This will again take a tip to another forming a triangle more small but do not complete it, only mark it.

Tutorial step paper snowflake 3Step 3: We will take each of the tips of the hypotenuse, in the middle of the opposite side of the triangle forming a kind of wings.

Step 4: We pressed properly all squeezed out.

Step 5: Now we have a list to draw figure. With the pen, we'll mark areas to trim, the more complex the most beautiful drawing will be the resulting figure. For the basic snowflake will mark with a square tip of 1 centimeter.

Tutorial copo de papel Paso 5

Step 6: Starting from the lower end of the figure that we have just you cut a piece, First, we will mark the right side, to do this we will draw an edge of a centimeter, getting to the Centre every inch and drawing sharp figures.

Once finished the figure these are the arms of each of the peaks of the snowflake.

Tutorial copo de papel Paso 7Step 7: We cut this side and with the resulting part, We will use to dial the opposite side of the triangle and thus maintain symmetry for the final figure.

Step 8: We desdoblaremos with care and.. We already have our snowflake !

Now you can practice with different figures and enjoy the hundreds of resulting flakes that can be slightly varying cuts!

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