How snowblowers works?

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Snow runningThe snowblowers first appeared on the market in the Decade of 1950 and soon won the post as an alternative to shoveling snow to make it through after a long and heavy snowfall.

Today's machines are available in a very wide range:
– Machines with petrol engines of small models with power up to 200cc engines 25cc with almost 1 bandwidth meter. See examples.
– Electric machines for cleaning areas with more modest thicknesses of snow, no more than 40cms of depth. See examples.


How it works?

Esquema fresadora de nieveWithout going into technical details, the most important is the heart of the router. They are rotating blades called bits or bit into the left and right sides, and turning in opposite directions ranging “tearing” and moving snow crushed toward the Center.
In the middle there is a drive called fan who swallowed snow and blow it out. Crushed snow sale driven at high speed by a mobile channel, responsible for managing the router can go to expel snow in direction and sense that suits away snow.


And there is better to learn how something works.. to see it !
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