7 Tips to improve skiing on snow powder

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Snowboarder sobre nieve polvo virgen

It is not easy to navigate well tracks, even less in the mountains outside of it. And if it is the first time that you face to Virgin powder snow, It will be better for you to take note of some good Tips. Skiing is a fun sport that takes on a new dimension when you change pitch and is more difficult than it seems. However, take into account certain rules and recommendations can help you a lot:


1. Safety first

On a track we have the help of other people like skiers or riders, but out of it you'll only. It is very important to know the level that is and act accordingly. The first thing is to choose the ground whereby the skier will descend and check their status to avoid avalanches, as well as the technical material that has. Whatever it is, It is very important to act decisively to circumvent and overcome every obstacle. If he acts with fear out of track, It is preferable to leave.


2. Different possibilities of skis

There are several possibilities, Although generally they must be longer and widths to be able to cope better. It may happen that the surface is hard bottom, is snow crust or that there is a lot of snow and not notice the background. For each case in particular it is possible to use different types of skis. If there are doubts about, It is enough to ask professionals to purchase the most successful team, have to let yourself be advised. So we had to choose conveniently the length of skis and the same width, above all in the area of Skate, In addition to knowing tighten them properly. Luckily, the material has evolved much over time and adapts to each skier.


3. The speed should be adequate

The speed is a very important factor to take into account to allow skis to behave properly and deal with different curves. It is convenient to remember something, the greater the speed, the lower the possibility of sinking. Both same happens regarding the ground, So how much more plain is, least we float. In these cases, to not to be depressed and to have that “Rowing”, It is important to skiing with fair speed. If you're not an experienced skier, you have to search the speed appropriate to not sink you but feel that your control skis, and not them you.

Skier snow powder deep


4. The technique must adapt

Ski Mountain in these circumstances requires change of technique. It is important to maintain a balance and be centered on the skis, or very slightly tilted backwards if snow is little dense Virgin. One of the most popular tips is that our position as reference is the ski center, neither behind nor more later. The right thing is to go with the body straight and flexed position, in such a way that the skis are not sinking. Just as there are different skis, There are different techniques of skiing: bring your feet, take advantage of the external forces to not push, etc.


5. How to use the sticks in powder snow

It is important to keep them synchronized so that the balance and rhythm is adequate. When one of the sticks leans forward, the other makes it back, but both have the same angle and hands must have approximately the same level. Obviously, the result is not perfect at every turn, But what counts is the intention.


6. Patience, fundamental requirement

In skiing, it is necessary to have patience and more even when it takes place outside track. In these cases, the reaction time is slower and it is recommended not to force the twists. The pace has to be regular and body must anticipate the movements to create the largest possible balance.


7. Attitude to adapt to the new challenge

The money will never be perfect and our body will be to rebalance the situation which do, the imbalance will be constant. Now well, You must have a good attitude and know adapt to the situation in order to enjoy. The material has to be correct, but some practice is needed and take into account some specific techniques for this sport with pleasure.

A very interesting video to see these tips put into practice on the ground, If English you don't very well, You can enable subtitles in Spanish

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