500thousand years of Hombre-Planeta relationship in 3 min

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It is the world day of the environment and the point of view of the author in the relationship of the human being with the planet are summed up in this video: makes us travel from ago 500.000 years until a very black future, perhaps not too distant.


How caring for the environment?

It is a question that does not have a global response, and it must be agreed upon by all societies. Now we are one 7500 millions of people on planet Earth (Official data of the United Nations to 2017), and according to estimates, we will be a few 9000 million in the year 2050, on the same planet, so many challenges related to uncontrolled consumption that is being made of resources which are available on planet Earth: natural resources, power, drinking water, waste, etc.


5 Short phrases that make you think

  • “The Earth is not a heritage of our fathers, but a loan from our children” (Indian proverb)
  • “The Earth provides enough to satisfy every man needs, but not every man greed” (Mahatma Gandhi)
  • “We live on Earth as if we had another to which go” (Terry Swearingen)
  • “Only when is the last tree cut, the last river poisoned and the last fish caught, You'll notice that you can not eat money” (Proverb)
  • “If it disappeared all the insects on the planet, in less than 50 years would disappear all the life. If all human beings disappeared from the Earth, in less than 50 years all forms of life florecerían” (Jonas Edward Salk)

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