The snow already reached Argentina in 2018

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As a preview of what will be the winter season, the first snow came to Esquel in the province of Chubut ( Argentina ). "These first snow of autumn indicate that the winter season is getting closer and improve not only the expectations and the enthusiasm of the lovers of the mountain, but they are also a good omen for the accumulation of snow on the mountain activity center - CAM – La Hoya", said Mariano Riquelme, Secretary of tourism of Esquel.

The activity of mountain - CAM Center – The Hoya, It is a few minutes from Esquel. An unforgettable proposal for this winter season, It extends from July to October. It's time to get ready to enjoy the mountain and its charms in the heart of Patagonia Argentina. The opening of The Hoya is planned for the 1 July.

One of the pearls of the Patagonian Andes is undoubtedly the city of Esquel, its diversity of attractions and tourist proposals have turned it into a favorite in southern Argentina where choosing vacation, to be able to unwind from the every day routine and get away from the stress.

Missing shortly for a new season of snow, the La Hoya Ski Center reinvested every year to improve its services and create opportunities for all those who wish to enjoy and feel the white magic. This experience that begins the ascent with lifts, It allows you to listen to the silence and find yourself in full contact with nature.

Source: www.esquel.gov.ar

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