6 Tips to save and keep your ski and snow equipment

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All has happened that, After coming home tired after our last day of the season on the track, We have kept our teams in the closet to stay there forgotten until the next season. To avoid surprises and find our material in perfect condition, We are going to then indicate a series of tips that prolong life and prevent the deterioration of our material.

Skis and Snow boards

Skis and Snow boards perform the same function that our tyres in the car: If they are in a bad condition we can suffer a loss of control of our vehicle. This is also true with our skis and snowboards, you are that give us this link and safety at each stop. Therefore it must take into account some important details:

1. Dry and clean as a whistle! Yes, This is the first and most important of all: If we want to prevent our edges from rusting and prove impossible to sharpen next season must eliminate any trace of moisture. Experts recommend to loosen tension on the spring attaches; not only to wipe the moisture, If not to make sure that it maintains its resistance when it is needed.

2. Wax and Polish! To avoid the drying I recommend the sole, even for excess, you apply a considerable amount of wax before storing them. If you do not know how to do it, I recommend that you try it in a workshop to leave them ready for the upcoming season.

3. Sharp edges and out rust!! Soles and ski are the most vulnerable parts of our boards and skis. After a season intense, These have suffered plenty of downs and a heavy wear due to the abrasive effect of the snow, ice, or some other stone… A good sharpening is very important for the oxide does not attack our songs before storing them. As with the soles, I recommend to go to the workshop and is the! Men which make it!

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4. Toca rest! It is very important where you choose to store our material there are no sudden changes in temperature, It is not in contact with the Sun and is a dry place, Since, as I said at the beginning of this article, the humidity is our main enemy. It is also interesting to avoid, either with a paper or tape, that our songs are in contact with each other; and it is beneficial to our boards or skis are saved in a bag or case specific for this purpose. The best way to store our skis is vertically. If we do it horizontally we will make sure there is no weight that can distort our Camber.

Care for our boots

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5. Care for our boots. Boots are another element of our team that we have to have special care and care. First of all, I again insist on the drying and the cleaning: so I advise you take the spoils or use specific boot dryers (Since heating elements to air dryers, and other). The most important thing when it comes to save them is that they are tightly closed and dry. To do this, I advise introducing booties, fill them (especially at the tips of the fingers) with newspaper or similar paper to retain its shape, and leave the bindings as loose as possible to protect the boot from any kind of deformation. And as I mentioned with skis: to store them, we will choose a place that is dry and without large temperature swings.

Wardrobe for storage of ski equipment

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With these small tips and habits we can significantly lengthen life of our material and is in perfect condition for the next season.

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