[Video] Who does not want to wake up so?

Filmone of those days…. Few are already, but still there are ski resorts open in Spain for skiing this first weekend in May of 2016, who had an awakening like this video ! Recorded at Val Blanc, France.

By MYB, Aug

[Video] It trains your legs at home

This is one of those videos that comes well both in winter and summer; si quieres mantener a punto las piernas para tu próxima jornada de ski /snow o te notas flojo y quieres llegar a esquiar y no tener que irte a media mañana dejando nieve sin Read more…

By MYB, Aug

[Video] A little pow with rhythm

It is not easy to mix a video of snow ( In addition powder !) non-professional production, with music and do it well, but these provopros guys do very well !

By MYB, Aug